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Mastering PowerPoint 2010

Going From Boring And Plain Presentations To Something That Makes People Sit Up And Pay Attention — How To Effectively Use PowerPoint 2010

Have you seen someone deliver a PowerPoint presentation that was really well done? Do you remember the difference it made – not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? This course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged.

How To Organize, Create, And Effectively Share Information You Need To Present – It’s All In This Course

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used to do presentations in the workplace. This course teaches the most commonly used PowerPoint features and introduces some of the more advanced options.

Here’s What You Need To Know To Turn Your PowerPoint Presentation From “Ho Hum” To Something That Reaches Out And Captures The Audience’s Attention

Once you have a solid grasp of the basics throughout the basic “getting started” section, you quickly move to tables, charts, smart graphics, photo manipulation, video manipulation, slide animation, and more. While occasionally the instructor may provide opinions on the best uses of PowerPoint, this course is about using the functions and not necessarily the best ways to use PowerPoint. PowerPoint best practices are covered in the Bigger Brains course called Power Up PowerPoint.

Move beyond bullet points!  In this training course presentation expert Kelly Vandever and Maren Reaves will walk you through all the features you need to know (and then some) with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.  This course includes:

  • Working with photos, clipart, and videos
  • When to use (and when not to use) animations and transitions
  • How to troubleshoot projectors and online meeting issues
  • Tips & Tweaks for over 100 PowerPoint 2010 functions and features!

Course Running Time: 6+ Hours

Mastering PowerPoint 2010
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