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Learning Online should be made simple – take your courses, pass your exams, obtain your certificates and get back to work. Learning Management should also give you a full range of features and options to have complete control as an instructor or administrator. Access eTraining Inc.’s Custom Learning Management System (LMS) does just that. With over 5 years of experience developing, configuring and designing LMS’s, we have created a fully updatable and customizable system with the tools you want and the simplicity you need to create an efficient and productive online learning environment.



All login information is encrypted and lost passwords must be reset to keep your portal secure. Administrators can also enable CAPTCHA messaging and 256 bit SSL encryption on all information transferred.



Course content is made available with several features to maximize learner engagement including Workgroups, Feedback and Optional Messaging.



All course (SCORM) content is fully integrated into your custom LMS with no need to use multiple websites.

A Learning Management System, specially designed with our Custom Learning Management System will help you get more training done for more employees in less time for less money!



To set up a Learning Management System, we begin by securing a proper domain name and then set up a secure connection to one of our servers using Advanced 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure absolute privacy and security for your information.

We then install our LMS Software and customize it to your needs, including graphic and visual design, customized modules and web programming. We work closely with you each step of the way to make sure that we are creating a system for you that exceeds your expectations.

Once the initial programming and design work is finished and any customized course work has been uploaded, we proceed with a “soft launch” of your LMS, testing it out as you would normally use it in day-to-day training. Once satisfied with the performance and after having made any final modifications, your system will be ready for normal use and you will be given administrator access and the ability to control the many features on the LMS. The entire process will typically take about 1 month.



With Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime, you never have to worry about technical issues. If something does happen, our Personal Customer and Technical Support will swiftly address it.