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Intro to Gmail

Intro to Gmail

Power Your Gmail Account - Get The Maximum Benefit From All The Free Tools Gmail Has To Offer Gmail Is One Of The Most Often Used, Under-Utilized Applications In The World. This Course Will Change The Way You Use Your Gmail Account – Guaranteed! Manage Your Security and Privacy Settings Seamlessly Integrate Your Gmail Account With Other Google Apps For Business With Gmail, Google provides unprecedented free access to business tools that previously cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This course shows users how to use tools like Sync mail, Calendars, and Contacts to optimize the way you communicate and plan. There Are Dozens Of Tools, Features, Filters, And Flags That Are Never Opened – And This Course Is Your Key To Unlocking Them -          ... [Read more]...
Mastering excel 2010

Mastering Excel 2010

The World Is Filled With Two Kinds Of People: A Handful Of People Who Are Masters Of Excel, And The Millions Of Others Who Wish They Were If you’ve mastered Microsoft Excel 2010 then you have one of the most practical and valuable skill sets in all of modern business. A spreadsheet guru can work wonders – from organizing lists, to creating multi-layered, interactive reports, to revealing answers to business critical questions like ROI, budget allocations, tracking expenditures, and more. This course is your path to first learning, then even mastering Excel. This is our most requested training course! If you learn to use Excel 2010, you will start to see how useful it is in your life – from formatting your grocery list to calculating complex ROI values. Of course, you may have a rudimentary ... [Read more]...
Mastering outlook 2013 & 2010

Mastering Outlook 2013 & 2010

From Time-Waster To Productivity Booster: Change The Way You Use Microsoft Outlook Few things have greater impact on your productivity than the way you employ Outlook. Too many people waste time on unnecessary tasks that could be either managed automatically or handled in a fraction of the time – if the Outlook user just knew how to use the proper tools. This Course Teaches How To Make The Leap From Being A Mere User To Being An Outlook Master From setting up filers, folders, message tracking and flagging – it’s all in this course. Ask Yourself These Questions: Do you need to implement a better strategy for handling inbound messages? Do you take advantage of all the tools and calendaring features? Can you efficiently manage multiple calendars – and coordinate ... [Read more]...
Mastering PowerPoint 2010

Mastering PowerPoint 2010

Going From Boring And Plain Presentations To Something That Makes People Sit Up And Pay Attention -- How To Effectively Use PowerPoint 2010 Have you seen someone deliver a PowerPoint presentation that was really well done? Do you remember the difference it made – not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? This course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged. How To Organize, Create, And Effectively Share Information You Need To Present – It’s All In This Course Microsoft PowerPoint is the most common tool used to do presentations in the workplace. This course teaches the most commonly used PowerPoint features and introduces some of the ... [Read more]...