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Windows 8 Essentials

How To Unlock The Power Of The Windows 8 Operating System

This Course Is For People New To Windows 8 – Taking This Course Will Help You Understand The New Operating System Navigation, Advantages, And Functionality

When Microsoft released Windows 8 they surprised a lot of PC owners. The interface and basic functionality were different from any previous Windows operating system. In fact, Windows 8 represents the biggest change in the Windows operating system since Windows 95.

Take Advantage of Windows 8 Functionality Across Multiple Formats: On the plus side, Windows 8 is faster, prettier, and very easy to operate for most tasks. It’s also consistent across desktop computers, tablets, and even Windows phones.

Tackle Common Windows 8 Issues: many people need some orientation with Windows 8 because the familiar Start button and Control Panel are gone (or hidden) and users must learn a whole new way of navigating through the Windows environment.

Roll Up Your Sleeves And Maximize The Benefits - This Course Helps You Avoid Sitting On the New Operating System Sidelines:

New users of Windows 8 may ask, “Do the new benefits outweigh the concerns of the new look and navigation?” Take our Windows 8 course to learn more about this brand new version of Windows and how you can use it most effectively, including:

  • Navigating and Customizing the Start Pane
  • Finding the hidden Control Panel to tweak settings
  • Using the mouse or touch-screen to navigate between programs
  • How to troubleshoot program and printer issues
  • Tips and Tweaks on over 50 new Windows features!

Course Running Time: 2.5 Hours

Windows 8 Essentials
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