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Microsoft Lync Essentials

Can You Hear Me Now? The Essential Guide To Communication & Collaboration With Microsoft Lync

Collaboration is the art of making 1 + 1 equal more than 2 – coworkers sharing ideas, working through challenges, and congratulating each other on successes is an important part of any successful business. How do you do that with today’s distributed workforce? Microsoft Lync to the rescue!

This Course Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Chat, Call, Present, and Share With Microsoft Lync

With Microsoft Lync, your coworkers are always right beside you, in your computer, phone, or tablet. Whether it’s keeping in touch via instant message, discussing projects through audio or video calls, or even presenting a report to clients or management through a recorded Lync meeting, this course will walk you through the incredible collaborative power of Microsoft Lync.

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Course Running Time: 2 Hours

Microsoft Lync Essentials
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