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The Top Five Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

Most Marketing Is An Absolute Failure Because They Fail To Deliver What Really Matters: RESULTS

How many ads do you see each day that you don’t even notice? How many ads do you completely ignore?

What Is The Difference Between A Marketing Campaign That Delivers Average Results, And One That Boosts Profits And Changes Your Bottom Line? (Hint: The keys to effective marketing are in this course).

In this course, Rich Harshaw explains why his famous statement, “Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong” is so universally true, and what businesses can do to revamp their marketing strategies to achieve superior results.

Great marketing is rare. Think about it: how often do you notice an advertisement – whether a television commercial, radio ad, billboard, or online and actually go ahead and buy what they’re selling?  We’re not talking about those 100 million dollar campaigns with budget-busting commercials that the biggest brands can pound throughout the world with their universally-recognized brands that have been around for a hundred years. We’re talking about you – your business. Is your marketing … Great?

You Can Avoid The Same Old, Platitude-Filled, Futile Marketing Tactics That Completely Waste The Marketing Budgets Of Businesses Across the Country

That’s the premise of Bigger Brains’ Marketing 101: The Top Five Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make. In this three-hour course Rich shares the keys to effective marketing with Chip Reaves – including common mistakes that can ruin your marketing investment. Rich identifies these common problems – including what he calls, “Average Joe”, “The Platitude Trap”, “Right Message, Wrong Time”, “Ignoring Future Buyers”, and “Stopping Short” with dozens of examples, case studies, examples, and recommendations on how you can avoid these mistakes in your business.

Course Running Time: 180 Minutes

This Course Is Ideal For Any Business That Wants To Leverage More Results For Their Marketing Investment.

The Top Five Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make
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